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Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Srau BEACH - Surfing, Snorkeling, Hiking and Fishing

Srau BEACH - Surfing, Snorkeling, Hiking and Fishing 

paradise paradise paradise indonesiaHidden behind a row of hills 25 km west of the town of Pacitan (East Java, Indonesia), Srau Beach is one paradise for surfers. It is quite far from the city center making this beautiful beach is not too crowded with visitors. The nearest village is a few kilometers. Do not imagine for hotels or restaurants. Only there is a mosque and an open hall that can be used to rest. Several pieces of small stalls providing food and drink perfunctory as instant noodles, fried, coconut ice, tea or coffee. When author expressed intention to stay overnight, a tavern keeper advised to sleep in the mosque because they lack adequate shelter facilities.

This beach has three surf spots with challenging waves for surfers who are quite reliable. The first spot is located behind the ticket portal so often referred to as The Portal. The second spot is the Trick, under a cliff west coast that is often used by the fishermen hung angler fish. While the third spot is Pandan, hills behind this reef.

Srau beach has surf reef break has a type, which means that the waves created by a tidal wave hit the reef. Basic coastline is dominated by rocks, so that surfers should be more careful. November to February is the best time to surf and catch barrel Srau Coast.

Besides spoiling the barrel of his surfer, Srau also offers the charm of the beauty of the white sand beach with waves that slammed clear. Water clarity is what also makes this place perfect for snorkeling and enjoying the beauty and diversity of marine life. Tired of walking around on the beach? Walk up the small hill to the right. Hiking at this cliff, looking at the beach and sea landscape magnificent will soon relieve your boredom. This hill is also a paradise for anglers fish. Besides the fishermen, not a few people who like fishing had come from out of town and spend the day here.

Surf Spot Details

Wave Quality Rating: 6-7
Type of Wave: reef break
Direction of Wave: left & right
Bottom: reef
Difficulty: intermediate
Crowd Level: empty
Hazards: coral, sea urchins, jellyfish (sometimes)
General Description:
There are 3 Srau Coast surf spots, namely: Portal, Trick, and Pandan. The best time to surf Srau beach is from November to February. No surf board rental place here, so the surfers had to prepare and bring their own equipment.

Jumat, 21 September 2012


Facts about the Thousand Islands


Hearing the name of the Thousand Islands, certainly comes to mind would be a shadow of an exotic, beautiful and is one of the areas that the right to the travelers, both domestic and abroad.

Mind as it is not wrong. Thousand Islands is a cluster of a very exotic and very strategic to cool off from the noise and bustle of Jakarta Capital. The right place to refresh your mind everyday "tricked" by the hustle and bustle of the capital. However, when we returned at about 3 centuries ago, our minds will be the beautiful Thousand Islands will definitely fade, especially for berpelesir there. Here's a glimpse of the history and origin of the Thousand Islands, which are summarized from various sources.

In the 17th century, the island is a supporting activity Onrust Island because it was not far away from him. Due to support, on the island was built also supporting facilities. In 1679, the VOC built a leper hospital or a leper who is moving from Angke. Therefore, this island was called Island Hospital.

one of the Dutch fort on Angel Island (Kepmendagri Thousand)
At the same time, the Dutch established the fort supervisor. This fortress built function more as a means of surveillance for defense from enemy attack. Before the island was occupied by the Dutch, and the Dutch Ambonese ever lived on this island.
Around the year 1800, the United Kingdom's fleet attacked the island and destroy the buildings on the island. Around the year 1803 the Dutch regained control of Angel Island and rebuild. But the British attacked again in 1806, Onrust Island and Angel Island and other islands apart. In 1827 the island was re-built by the Dutch with the involvement of the Chinese workers and prisoners. The building was constructed Hajj dormitory that serves until 1933.

This island before becoming a resort was empty and uninhabited until 1970. In fact the island is never visited by people. In the early 1970s, the PT Seabreez manage this island to serve as a tourist resort.

In the Thousand Islands are a National Park called Thousand Island National Park that includes 44 islands in it with an area of ​​about 110 hectares. This national park has a high conservation value because of the diversity of species and ecosystems owned. National park conservation programs one of which is the breeding hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata), mangrove forests and seagrass beds in the Scout Island. Ornamental fish breeding done in Grilled Island.

Other protected areas are a habitat island hair for native birds including eagles Thousand Island bondol the mascot of the city. Bokor Island is a conservation area for the conservation of coral reefs, molluscs and other varieties of exotic marine life.

Khayangan Island, Island and Island Onrust Kelor has many historic sites. On the island there is leftover building Khayangan fort complete with cannons peningggalan Netherlands. Onrust Island used to be a shipyard and VOC are the remains of buildings quarantine pilgrims, while there Kelor Island Martello fort that during the Dutch colonial strongholds for bay waters.


Green Canyon

Green Canyon is located in the village of Kertayasa, District Cijulang, Ciamis regency, West Java. From the town of Ciamis is about 130 kilometers or if from Pangandaran is approximately 31 km.

Green Canyon Nature tourism is most loved by tourists trekking enthusiast, canoe, or tour a challenging adrenaline. Named Green Canyon because this is like the Green Canyon Indonesia.

It looks like the Green Canyon America, it has been said by the locals. That's the origin of why this place is called Green Canyon.

It could be that you are challenged to swim against the rapids river and jumped from a height Cijulang about 6-7 feet above the river. But note the direction of the instructor who had berepengalaman. Here are some tips before you go there.

First, If you decide to come to the Green Canyon, you must be prepared to travel far enough that the travel time of 8 hours from Jakarta. For those who use private cars should be someone who can take turns driving.

Leave at night, especially if you use public transport. Using public transportation, you can depart from Terminal Pangandaran towards rural transportation department Cijulang terminal with a relatively low cost.

Hire a public transportation if you come in a group. The rent is more expensive because it's rent if you come in large quantities.

Second, Green Canyon should be visited in the dry season. In the rainy season the river water usually Cijulang located in Green Canyon becomes murky brown color.

But when the dry season, water colors green and quieter. Very pretty the object to be photographed.

Third, if you want to try to wade through the river towards the rapids downstream and jumped from a height of cliffs in Green Canyon, prepare your power. Do not forget to wear a bathing suit.

Body rafting charged Rp 30,000(3$) - to Rp 40,000(4$). Of course if you are brave enough. You need to prepare for a change of clothes after the body rafting. Fourth, for lodging, it is advisable to seek lodging at Pangandaran Beach. Because in addition to more choices, the prices provided more variable in Green Canyon.

As much as possible find their own accommodation with the owner immediately came to the hotel or inn. You can only use the services of a motorcycle or pedicab drivers to find lodging, but the price is more expensive.

Fifth, Bring a waterproof camera because it traveled in the Green Canyon is associated with water. If not, make sure you be careful with your belongings such as cameras and mobile phones, not to fall.

Sixth, do not forget to bring food and drinks because the food there is accommodation at the main entrance. And use comfortable shoes because the rocks in the Green Canyon slippery.